My Story: It is just the beginning

28th May 2017 - 4 minutes read

Meet Hannah Schmitt our new intern. Hannah is a second year student studying the BA (Hons) Media Studies degree at the University of Brighton.

We’re grateful that Hannah has chosen to work with us. This is her amazing story, so far.

My Story: It is just the beginning

By Hannah Schmitt

‘Tell me about yourself’ a phrase that anyone who has gone for an interview will know all too well. It is a question that I struggle to answer, simply because my journey isn’t one straight line but rather, a winding road.

I am English, German and Swiss, yet I had never lived in any of these places until August 2015 when I moved to Brighton for university. I was born in Oxford leaving to Uganda just a few short months later. I spent the first six years of my childhood living and breathing safaris. Kids grew up with cats and dogs, I grew up with lions and rhinos.

Then one day we were moving, but not just down the street, no we were moving to Cambodia where I spent five more years of my life. Instead of taking the bus to school or taxi’s throughout the city I spent five years riding in the back of tuck-tucks, not sheltered by tinted windows and closed doors. My Christmases were spent in Oxford and Kahl playing in parks and watching the trains fly by. Every summer I would get to travel around the world taking in the sights from Tokyo to Russia.

Just as I hit my teen years we moved to Vietnam, where I spent the bulk of my years. I lived in a little westernised bubble called An Phu, a small district with two International schools and a supermarket, or at least that is how I saw it. My weekends were spent venturing out into the other districts that made up Ho Chi Minh City. It is there where I really found my passion for sports, art and writing.

I turned 18 and graduated and suddenly my life was in my hands, no longer determined by my parents jobs. I decided the next chapter in life would be University, I chose England because I wanted something different to what I knew. I looked for courses that consisted of a multitude of subjects; in other words, broad and diverse. Something that offered me both freedom and infinite opportunities; something like Media Studies.

Media Studies. I could combine my love for art and creativity with my asspirations in writing and general curiosity for the psychology of people. Brighton was somewhere new to me, a change from life in Vietnam, Cambodia and Uganda. Brighton University also offered me first hand experience of the industry through a placement in second year. How could I say no?

Now coming to the end of my second year, I have studied an immeasurable amount of material within Media Studies always adding to my knowledge, who I am as a person and my story. I am moving closer and closer to the next chapter in my life and right now I don’t know what that is. One placement only offered me a sneak peak into the Media industry, an industry that is vast and endless. So I sit here on another internship, looking for new challenges and ways to feed my curiosity.

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