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Brand & Value Proposition

Your brand is your story and it’s vitally important that it resonates with your customers and stakeholders. We provide strategy consulting to identify your brand and value proposition and routes-to-market to build reputation by growing your brand through customer acquisition.

Reputation Audit

Your reputation is what people say about you. Does it align with your brand narrative? We apply our ‘Trust Test’ to assess how much customers, stakeholders and partners trust the business and develop strategies to strengthen reputation through social impact.

Inbound Marketing

Through our unique inbound marketing model we deliver powerfully engaging campaigns to build your brand and generate action to turn strangers into advocates. This can mean increasing sales or influencing behaviours to adopt policy outcomes.

Behaviour Change

Influencing behaviour requires deep insight into what motivates people and the right incentives to get them changing their habits. We apply research and insight coupled with scientifically proven methodologies to gently nudge people to adopt new behaviours.

Tribal Analysis

We conduct social network analysis to identify the main groups ("tribes") and networks of influence to scale the campaign. We explore the strength of relationships between these groups, channels for engagement, and the relevant language framework to develop engaging content fit for the target audience and campaign objectives.

Social Innovation & Impact

We align corporate strategy with social value through customer insight and business intelligence to co-design programmes that improve reputation and social outcomes. We deliver programmes and campaigns that strengthen reputation while improving the bottom line.

For public sector clients, we design programmes that manage demand for services while improving policy outcomes.

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Our Process


We'll find out who the target audiences are, where they get their information, and what they're really interested in to build an engaging campaign that is specific to the main issues we're addressing.


A group of people from the target audience that was involved in the design stage will be invited to co-deliver the campaign through a structured approach. We will invite people who have an interest in campaigning and want to develop their skills for a career in marketing and communications. The whole process is documented to continually learn and improve the campaigning experience and outcomes. 


We'll involve the target audience and stakeholders in the design of the campaign through a series of co-design workshops - from strategy design right through to campaign build. This includes rapid prototyping and testing a minimal viable campaign (MVC) with the groups until it's fit for delivery.


We'll continually evaluate the campaign throughout to measure whether we're on target and adjust where necessary to ensure that we're achieving the campaign's (SMART) objectives.